Questions follow us quite often

There are some questions which follow us quite often. We listed some of them here.


1.Does your application support Our Country (like UK / CA / AU / IN & Other countries)?


“Excel Transactions” supports all the different flavors and countries of QuickBooks Online.


2. Do you support our tax model GST, CST & etc.?


Yes. It is. We do support all type of tax models.


3. Do you have ability send Email Report?


Yes. We do have.


4. what is the best way to contact you?


Send an email to


5.How does your product work?


1.You need to connect your QuickBooks company to “Excel Transactions” by this link.


2. Upload your file


3. Map your file headers to QuickBooks Fields


4. Verify your mappings and Import.


Video :


6.Is my data secure with you?


Yes. We have provided high end SSL encryption to access our application(HTTPS). Moreover, all your data will be encrypted and stored securely using Industry standards.


7.How do I make payments for the subscription?


We have integrations with two payment gateways. Paypal and 2Checkout.  You can learn more here.


8.Do you have refund policy?


Yes. If you subscribed for Annual Billing, we will refund based on prorated data usage. For monthly subscriptions, there is no refund.  Send an email to


9.Do you have any partnership model?


Yes. We do have very attractive partnership program for Accountants and Pro-Advisors. Send an email to  ,we will get back to you with offers.


10. Do you support all type of browsers?


Yes. Please check here.


11. What are the file types supported?


Excel WorkBook (XLS , XLSX)




12.Do we need to follow any specific format for files?


There is only one guideline. The first row of your file should be a header. But we have file formatter feature which can help you to convert your file the way we want.


13. Do you have any file templates?


We have sample file templates. But It is not mandatory. We have flexible field mappings.





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