Flexible Date formats supported by Excel Transactions

It is not a surprise that we use multiple date formats in our files.

Each country or each Firm uses different date format in their file.


How is it handled in Excel Transactions?


We don’t want to make any assumptions about the date formats.

Because it is difficult to arrive at a conclusion that “01-02-16” is January 2,2016 or February 1,2016.

So we have provided the settings to capture your date format.



If you have already imported your transactions using “Excel Transactions” and found that

the date is wrong in your QuickBooks, you need to change your date settings.



If you are new to our app, please go through below links


Upload File Process


Field Mappings



In the Upload screen, “Settings” button (red colored) is available.

It will open up bunch of settings that can help your import.



The one which we interested currently is “Date Format”.

The dropdown has several date formats as below. You can select the one as per your need.


DD-MM-YYYY  (Ex: 15-01-2016)

DD-MM-YY  (Ex: 15-01-16)

MM-DD-YYYY  (Ex: 01-05-2016)

MM-DD-YY  (Ex: 01-15-16)

MM-DD-YY  (Ex: 01-15-16)

YYYY-MM-DD  (Ex: 2016-01-15)

YY-MM-DD  (Ex: 16-01-15)

DD-MMM-YYYY (Ex: 15-JAN-2016)

DD-MMM-YY (Ex: 15-JAN-16)

MMM-DD-YYYY (Ex: JAN-15-2016)

MMM-DD-YY (Ex: JAN-15-16)


Don’t forget to “Save” the settings.



Wrong Date format


It is very common that you might have missed this setting & tried to import. But we know that your file has different date format.

So we alert you as below.


Our App warns you and ask you to open settings to change date format.

You can change the date format or upload.


If you want to know about other settings ,please visit this page.



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