File Format Guidelines for Excel Transactions

To import your data seamlessly,”Excel Transactions” needs to understand your data.So we have  decided to follow one GOLDEN Rule.

Golden Rule:

The first line or first row of your file will be treated as your File Header.

Some of you might have experienced that “Excel Transactions” did not show your file headers in field mapping screen properly. This will happen only if your file does not have HEADERS in the first row.

This is a common issue when we receive a file from any 3rd party softwares.


Wrong Format :

This is the example of wrong file.


Workaround :

Just delete the unwanted rows or lines from your file and make the proper file headers as your first line.



Proper Format:

Supported File Types


  1. Excel Work Books (.XLS, .XLSX)
  2. CSV Files (Comma Separated, “|” pipe separated)

File Formatter


It is very common that you may have file which may not agree to our guidelines.Our File Formatter feature will help you to convert files to desired format.


Check this link for more information.



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