Excel Transactions: Intuitive Dashboard for your Imports


Unlike other Importing tools , Excel Transactions provides a dashboard for your imports. It gives you a great summary of transactions.

The dashboard depicts the number of transactions imported. Dashboard has 3 statistic views.




View 1:

It  shows the number  of transactions imported. Currently it covers Invoice,Sales Receipts,Expenses and Bills.

View 2:

It shows the charts view for number of files uploaded for each month.

View 3:

This shows the PIE CHART (number of Transactions) for Customer and Vendor Transactions.


Customer Transactions:

1.Receive Payment

2.Sales Receipt


4.Refund Receipt


6.Credit Memo

Vendor Transactions:



3.Bill Payment


5.Credit Card Credits
Report for Different Date Range:

You can select the date range from the list to get the detailed reports.



Dashboard has the section for your recent activities in “Excel Transactions”.


Activities section shows following information.

1.Recent File Uploads

2. Changes  related to User Profiles.


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