Email Reports for your Imports from Excel Transactions

There are some  interesting features hidden in  Excel Transactions. It is possible to get emails about your imports from Excel Transactions.


Why do we need to get emails about your imports ?


The first and foremost advantage is you don’t need to wait and see the computer screen  for successful imports. Just click and forget it. Excel Transactions will send you an email with links. You can get back to our application using the email link and see the detailed report about your imports.

If you want to know about the files which you have uploaded in past,these emails help you to organize better.


The sample email



How to enable this email feature?


If you are new to our app, please go through below links

Upload File Process

Field Mappings

In the Upload screen, “Settings” button (red colored) is available.It will open up bunch of settings that can help your import.

The one which we interested currently is  “Email me the Import Summary Report ” available under “Advanced” Tab.



You need to enable (switch on) “Email me the Import Summary Report” to receive email reports.

The email will be sent to the registered email Id. For security reasons,we did not provide provision to get email id from You.


If this feature is disabled (switched off), you no longer get email from “Excel Transactions”.

Don’t forget the save settings.


Refer this link if you want to know more about other settings.

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