Auto Creation of Customer,Vendor,Products & Services: Effortless Import into QuickBooks Online using Excel Transactions

Live Example 1:

We met a customer who had ginormous transactions to be entered in QuickBooks.The actual pain is he has to create new customer for each Invoice.
”Excel Transactions” rescued him from entering Invoices and as well as from creating new customers.


Live Example 2:

One of our customer wants to create new products in QuickBooks from the invoices. He doest not want to create Products each time when he imports Invoices.
”Excel Transactions” has a feature that created products automatically .


How can it be done using “Excel Transactions”?

If you want to create new Customers ,Vendors,Products ,Services automatically , you need to enable “Auto Create List Entities” feature in Import Settings.

You can open the Import Settings from Settings Menu or by clicking “Settings” button in Upload Review Screen.



Auto Creation for Customers,Vendors,Classes,Locations:

Once you turned on “Auto Create List Entities” feature, “Excel Transactions” creates Customers,Vendors,Classes & Locations automatically.  The name of the LIST entities (Customers,Vendors,Classes & Locations)  is used to find its equivalent in Quickbooks Online.



Auto Creation for Products:

By default, “Excel Transactions” creates “Products” automatically with following details


           Fields              Values
Product Type NoN Inventory
Income Account Uncategorized Income
Expense Account Uncategorized Expense


However, you can control this behavior.


In the Import Settings, Under “Advanced Tab”  ,you can find the options to tune the auto creation.



Auto Created Product Type

You can select the desired Type of  List . It can be Non Inventory Product or Service.


Auto Created Product / Service Income Account

The name or account number of Income account which should be associated with auto  created products or services.


Auto Created Product / Service Expense Account

The name or account number of Expense account which should be associated with auto  created products or services.
Turn Off :

Sometimes, you don’t want “Excel Transactions” to create products or customers automatically. Even human errors ( Spaces in Name, Incorrect Names ) may lead to create wrong products or customers in QuickBooks.  You can turn off this feature if you want.


More Settings:

Please click here to know more about special settings in Excel Transactions.


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